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Nano-enhanced CBD oil is made using nanotechnology to manipulate the CBD Oil molecule in such a way as to make it water soluble. Nanotechnology is cutting edge technology used to surround the CBD oil particles with nanoparticles of fat called liposomes. Nanoparticles are extremely small and it takes 800 - 100 nanometer particles laid end to end to equal the width of a human hair strand. Everyone is aware that oil and water does not mix. Our bodies are 70% water. These liposomal nanoparticles that coat the cbd molecule gives a stronger more immediate effect in the body because it makes the cbd molecule more water soluble which allows your body to absorb more of the cbd oil (99% bioavailable) allowing you to get more of the desired effect. Remember, it is not how much cbd oil you take that matters. It is how much cbd oil that gets absorbed into the body that matters most.